Sec. 1. The College President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the College, and shall render full-time service. He shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of a duly constituted search committee. He shall have a term of four (4) years and shall be eligible for reappointment for another term. His term may be extended beyond the age of retirement but not later than the age of seventy (70), if his performance has been unanimously rated as outstanding and upon unanimous recommendation by a duly created search committee.


 Sec. 2.   The College President shall have the following powers and responsibilities:


a.       To provide leadership for the College, preserve and protect its academic integrity and ensure the observance and implementation of the policies laid down by the Board of Trustees;


b.      To exercise within the framework of the College policies as approved by the Board of Trustees, primary authority and responsibility over the following areas: development planning and resource allocations; grants, endowments and fund-raising; external relations and public affairs; and College policy relating to regional development programs, curricula, and matters affecting the rights, privileges, responsibilities and welfare of the College constituency;


c.       To formulate integrated and comprehensive plans for the College, including academic, research, extension, production, physical development, and fiscal plans, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Trustees;


d.    To coordinate the activities and programs of the College with the other component units and institutes, to review their goals and objectives, to appraise their performance in relation to such goals and recommend appropriate action to the Board of Trustees;


e.    To exercise general administration and supervision of all business and academic operation of the College, and over all officers, faculty and non-teaching staff of the College;


f.        To recommend to the Board of Trustees appointments of vice presidents, deans, directors, heads of departments, faculty members and personnel in the supportive staff and other officials and employees;


g.     To effect the promotion, transfer, detail, secondment, and other personnel action of College personnel; fix their work schedules; grant leaves of absence and approve their additional assignments, additional compensation, resignation and retirement, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Trustees as it may be deemed appropriate;


h.      To set up machinery for the resolution of all disciplinary and non-disciplinary cases involving the personnel of the College, and for the consideration of petition for redress of grievances;


i.       To award fellowships, assistantships, and scholarships to students, faculty members, and other personnel in accordance with the policies prescribed by the Board of Trustees;


j.         To plan, prepare and implement, upon authority of the Board of Trustees, a College program for the training and education of adult citizens and out-of-school youths;

k.       To supervise the preparation of the Budget of the College, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Trustees, for approval of competent higher authorities;


l.     To submit to the Board of Trustees and/ or other competent higher authorities an annual report on the operation of the College, and such other reports as may be required.


m.    To preside at commencement and other public exercises of the College, and confer such degrees and honors as may be granted by the Board of Trustees and all diplomas and certificates issued by the College shall be signed by him;


n.      To grant service credits and to change the leave status of any member of the academic staff from teacher’s leave to vacation and sick leave or vice versa in the interest of the service, subject to the policies approved by the Board of Trustees and other pertinent laws and regulations;


o.    To execute and sign in behalf of the College all contracts, deeds and other instruments necessary for the implementation of the mandated functions of the College, subject to the confirmation of the BOT: Provided, that in regular recurring undertakings and transactions where his action is virtually ministerial, conditions and terms thereof having been fixed in the College existing regulations and general laws, he may direct through written instruction, that approval in specified cases be made in his behalf by officers of administration or heads of units concerned, subject to such safeguards to his power of revocation;


p.      To supervise and coordinate, through the Director of Academic Related Services, all organizations and activities of students, in accordance with existing regulations, he shall issue adequate safeguards for the operation of student organizations and other student activities;


q.      To generate funds and grants-in-aid in support of the operation and development projects of the College to augment its annual budgetary allocations; and,


r.        To exercise other powers and duties delegated to him by the Board of Trustees or as may hereinafter be provided by subsequent laws and regulations.


Sec. 3.     In case of his brief absence, the President may designate the Vice President or any ranking officer of the College to act as Officer In-Charge of the Office of the President, or any one of the Directors to carry out the day-to-day management of the College affairs.


The Offices Under the College President


 Sec. 1.                The Offices directly under the Office of the College President shall be the following:

a.    Line Offices

i.              The Vice Presidents

b.    Staff Offices

                                                i.            The College Board Secretary

                                              ii.            The Planning and Development

                                             iii.            The Public Information Office

                                            iv.            The NSTP/CWTS

                                              v.            The Production and Auxiliary Services

                                            vi.            The SPEED

                                           vii.            The Internal Control Unit (ICU)





        SUARA       Annual Reports


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Pag-Ibig Fund   PhilHealth

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