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April 23 - June 22

Filing of Application for College Admission and Qualifying Examination (CAQE) for incoming Freshmen and Transferees

June 25 - July 12

Conduct of College Admission and Qualifying Examination (CAQE)

July 11 - 12

Enrollment for LHS Students (Grade 7 to 11)

July 2 - 13

Enrollment for LHS Students

July 16 - 31

Enrollment for First Year Students/Transferees

July 16 - Aug. 3

Graduate Aptitude Test (GAT)

July 30 - Aug. 3

Enrollment for Second Year Students

Aug. 6-7 & 8-9

Enrollment for Third Year Students

Aug. 10-13 & 14-15

Enrollment for 4th Year and 5th Year Students 

August 1

First day of Services of All Faculty Members

August 6 - 20

Enrollment for the Graduate College Students

August 8 - 10

In-Service Training for Faculty and Staff

August 17 - 22

Late Registration with fine for the Undergraduate Students

August 13

Classes begin for LHS Students

August 20

Classes begin for Undergraduate

August 25

Classes begin for Graduate College

August 20 - 24

Official  Changing/ Adding / Dropping of Subject/s

August 20 - 24

College Orientation Program

August 30

National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)

September 19 - 20

Preliminary Examination for Undergraduate

September 24 - 28

Graduate College Comprehensive Examinations

September 24 - 28

Sports and Socio-Cultural Festival

September 29

Graduate College Sports and Socio-Cultural Festival

October 2

Honor's Convocation/Dean's List (Second Semester)

October 13

Midterm Examination for Graduate College

October 22-23

Midterm Examination for Undergraduate

November 1

All Saints' Day (Special Non-working Holiday)

November 30

Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)

December 8

All Saints' Day (Special Non-working Holiday)

December 10

Deadline for Submission of QCE and PES by the Chairman of Each College

December 10-14

Pre-Evaluation of Candidates for Graduation by each College

December 13-14

Final Examination for Undergraduate College

December 15

Final Examination for Graduate College

December 17-21

Student' Clearance / Semestral Break (Student Only)

December 19

December 21

December 22

December 25

December 30

December 31

Shariff Kabunsuan Festival (Region XII) Approved Batas Pampook Blg. 14 Deadline for submission of Grades for Undergraduate College

Deadline for submission of Grades for Graduate College

Christmas Day (Regular Holiday)

Rizal Day (Regular Holiday)

Last Day of the year (Special Non-Working Holiday)







January 1

New Year’s Day

January 2-4

Release of Students Grades/Financial Clearance

January 6-10

Enrollment for Second Year Students

January 11-13

Enrollment for Third Year Students

January 16-17

Enrollment for Fourth and Fifth Year Students

January 18-20

Enrollment for Graduate College

January 18

Classes begin for Undergraduate Students

January 21

Classes begin for Graduate College Students

January 23-24

In-Service Training for Teachers by each College 

January 23-27

Late Registration with Fine for the Undergraduate Students 

January 25

Honor's Convocation/Dean's List (First Semester)

January 28

Chinese Lunar New Year's Day

January 30-31

Changing/Adding/Dropping of Students for Undergraduate and Graduate Students 

February 8

93rd Foundation Anniversary

February 13-17

Graduate College Comprehensive Examination

February 15

Last Day for thesis Oral Defense for Candidacy for Graduation (Doctorate/Masters)

February 22-24

Preliminary Examination for the Undergraduate Students

February 25

EDSA Revolution Anniversary (Special Non-Working Holiday)

March 22-24

Midterm for the Undergraduate

March 25

Midterm for the Graduate College

March 27-30

Entrance Examination for Grade 7 and Grade 11 Students

March 31-April 3,4

Checking of Students' Examination Permit and Clearance for Graduating Student

April 5-7

Final Examination for Graduating Students (Undergraduate and Graduate College)

April 9

Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)

April 10-12

Checking of Undergraduate Students' Examination Permit

April 13

Maunday Thursday

April 14

Good Friday

April 17

Deadline for Submission of Grades for Graduating Students 

April 19-21

Final Examination for Undergraduate Students

April 20

Final Evaluation of Candidates for Graduation (Registrar, Deans and Chairpersons)

April 21

Deadline for Submission of QCE and PES to the QCE Committee

April 22

Examination for Non-Graduating Students (Graduate College)

April 24

Lailatul Isra Wal Mi Raj

April 25

Academic Council Meeting (Deliberation/Approval of Candidates for Graduation)

April 28

Deadline for Submission of Grades for Non-Graduating Students

April 29

LHS Graduation Day

April 29

Deadline for Submission of Grades for Graduate College

May 1

Labor Day (Regular Holiday)

May 2-5

May 5

May 6


Release of Grades and Students' Clearance

Baccalaureate Services and Recognition Program

87th Commencement Exercises







May 2-5

Enrollment for the Undergraduate Students

May 2-6

Enrollment for the Graduate College Students

May 8

Classes Begin for Undergraduate

May 13

Classes Begin for Graduate College

May 25-26

Midterm Examination

June 5-6

Checking of Examination Permit and Clearance

June 12

Independence Day (Regular Holiday)

June 15-16

Final Examination for the Undergraduate 

June 23

Deadline for Submission of Grades College

June 24

Final Examination for the Graduate College

June 26

July 1

Release of Students' Grades for Summer

Deadline for Submission of Grading Sheets for Graduate College




(YEAR 2016-2017)

As per P.D. 1083 - Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines




Birth of Prophet Mohammad S.A.W


Every 12th Day of Rabi'ul Awwal


Nocturnal Journey and Ascension of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)


Every 27th Day of Rajab


Every 1st Day of Sawwa;l


Hariraya Hajj


Every 10th Day of Zulhija


Islamic New Year


Every 1st week of Muharram











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